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The same

Host an online meeting across different locations.
Online & onsite meetings and conferences are no different – in order to increase the awareness, maintain the attention & maximize the outcome, you still need efficient communication before, during and after, in order to ensure a lasting impact.

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And then, not the same

Virtual meetings have many opportunities – but is still different from meeting in person.
There are some significant differences – Though online conferences & meetings offers a lot of benefits and opportunities, there is also a need to mitigate the elements that gets lost, when the physical encounter and relation is taken out of the equation.


The circumstances are the same – we are still fighting for attention and that top of mind spot.

It is perhaps even more crucial to stand out, make a difference and “reach out through the screen” and engage audience.

The reality is, that it is much easier to lose the focus and attention of the participants and significantly easier for them to hide.